Proposals for boat tours on Lake Garda

The Lake Garda is vast and hidden wonders in every corner along the coasts. It is not easy to find them or even see them all at once. That’s why below we show you some of the boat itineraries that we consider most interesting to allow you to fully enjoy Lake Garda with fun water rides.

Each proposal is designed to help you make the most of the hours of rental choices, admiring some of the wonders of Lake Garda: the ‘Island of Garda, the Catullo caves, the Bay of the Sirens, the Rock of Manerba. Just choose the one you prefer and see the suggested route.

Otherwise you can explore this lake by following your instincts and letting yourself be carried away by its waters.


Sirmione and the Scaligero castle

Recommended itinerary for 1 hour rental

Sirmione and Garda Island

Recommended itinerary for 2 hours rental

Full speed ahead towards Punta San Vigilio

Recommended itinerary for 3 hours rental

Tour of the lower Garda Area

Recommended itinerary for 4 hours rental

Complete tour of Garda Lake

Recommended itinerary for 1 day rental