1) Online payment

The customer is required to pay 30% of the total immediately, based on the price displayed, while the balance must be paid on the day of the rental start date. Payments are made in cash, by bank transfer or by credit card.

2) Boat rental services price

The price of the list includes the motorboat rental services. Prices include fuel costs in some cases and in other cases do not include fuel costs. The boat is delivered to the customer with full fuel, clean water tank and in full efficiency, and must be returned in the same condition, except for fuel and water consumption.

3. Delivery of the boat

The rental provider is required to deliver the boat with its related services in the established place and time, in full efficiency. In case of bad weather the rental will be canceled without penalty. Potential complaints must be made before the start of the journey, the customer is not entitled to a lower price due to deficiencies not reported at the time of collection of the boat. The customer is obliged to return the motorboat to the agreed place and time. Should the boat be returned late, or in another place, the customer is required to pay a sum equivalent to the daily price of the use of the rental services for the first 3 (three) hours of postponement, and for the postponement of more than 3 (three) hours 3 (three) times the price of the daily rental services, plus the additional costs incurred by the service provider due to the late return of the boat. A delay in delivery may be justified only by causes of force majeure not directly attributable to the customer’s control, which must immediately inform the service provider.

4) Insurance

5) Customer responsibility

Any actions or omissions on the part of the customer, for which the service provider is responsible for third parties, and which involve materials or criminal liability for the service provider, must be compensated by the customer as a result of his negligence. If the customer is responsible, in particular, the boat will be seized by the state government bodies, as a result of the illegal actions. In the event of damage or accidents, the customer is obliged to subscribe to the sequence of events and have it confirmed by the harbor master, doctor, or other competent body. The service provider must be informed of the whole affair. Furthermore, the client has the obligation to report immediately to the competent authorities and to the service provider, should the boat disappear, its inability to govern it, and if the motorboat should be seized or stolen, the measures to prohibit navigation imposed by state bodies or third parties. The costs arising from the loss or damage of various parts of the boat or equipment are the responsibility of the customer and will be deducted from the security deposit by the service provider. Damage to the submerged parts of the boat, which require examination, are also borne by the customer. Damage to the outboard motor is not covered by the insurance and any damage caused by carelessness by the customer will be charged to the same customer.

6) Customer’s obligations

The customer is obliged to sail in the waters of Lake Garda within the permitted limits. The customer undertakes not to rent or lend the ship to another person, not to participate in regattas and not to use the boat for commercial or commercial fishing purposes.

7) Services and obligations of the service provider

The service provider reserves the right to withdraw from the contract in the event of bad weather. In this case, the service provider is required to return the full amount paid by the customer for the rental.

8) Cancellation

If the customer is unable to start the boat rental services for any reason, he is free to find another person who can take his rights and duties, with the prior consent of the service provider. If no replacement is found, the customer can cancel the reservation no later than 1 day before the rental date. If the customer is already beyond the time allowed for the cancellation, the service provider will be able to withhold 30% of the total booking.

9) Skills

In the event of disagreement or controversy, a peaceful solution will be sought. If this is not possible, the competent forum for this dispute is in Brescia